Whole Digital: Pioneering the Future of AI with Dubai Future Foundation Accelerator

by Giles ThomasLast updated on March 22, 2024


Whole Digital, a 12 year veteran in the digital marketing landscape. Under the leadership of CEO Giles Thomas, recently participated as mentors at the prestigious Dubai Future Foundation AI Accelerator.

In an era where artificial intelligence is reshaping industries, Whole Digital’s involvement with the Dubai Future Foundation AI Accelerator marks a notable contribution to the fusion of AI and digital marketing. The event, renowned for fostering innovation and nurturing startups, found a perfect mentor in Whole Digital, especially in the realms of SEO and PPC advertising.

Giles Thomas, with his expertise and foresight, led the Whole Digital team to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs. By mentoring startups, they provided invaluable insights into how AI start ups can harness SEO and PPC strategies, helping them to gain users and market share. This mentorship was not just about sharing knowledge but also about shaping a future where digital marketing and AI converge to create unprecedented value.

The startups at the accelerator benefited immensely from Whole Digital’s mentorship, gaining cutting-edge knowledge in SEO and PPC. These are crucial tools for any company in the digital age, and learning to leverage them with AI is a game-changer. Whole Digital’s commitment to mentoring these startups reflects their dedication to innovation and their belief in giving back to the community.

This collaboration with the Dubai Future Foundation AI Accelerator is a testament to Whole Digital’s position at the forefront of digital marketing innovation. It’s a clear signal that they are not just participants but leaders in the journey toward a future where technology and marketing merge to create new possibilities.